Jane lives in a small village in rural Leicestershire, with ‘will-be-one-day’ husband David and their two boys, Callum (‘the fish’) and Ali (‘Bongo’), and “Dertie Bertie”, the mandatory Springer Spaniel.  After just seven years in Yew Tree House, the family are finally finding themselves fitting into the peculiar existence that is termed, ‘village life.’

‘We have lived in this beautiful old house for over 7 years now and it is still not that uncommon for one of the older members of the village community to call this place Sid’s House’ (God rest his soul).  However, I think that is another way of telling us that they have still not forgiven us for digging up his legendary onion patch in the back garden.’

Jane is an optometrist and runs her own successful training company from home.  Her account, This Rural Wife, is a partly fictional tale, exaggerated nuances of hapless events that occur within The Village on a daily basis.

‘It takes me away from our busy lives if but for a while.  Well, that is the intention at least.  But don’t tell my husband, he thinks I am out walking the dog.’