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This is tough. Really tough. I am absolutely stuffed.  I have written two chapters in two months and my son is giving me grief because he thinks that I should rewrite them both. ‘It’s all been said and done before!’ he declared. He’s ten. And what’s worse, he’s right.

I have a ‘bestseller’ on the shelves already. Well, if you like academic text books that have a very limited market, one could call it a bestseller. Somehow I felt that writing the next Hollywood blockbuster on the back of a book about age related macular degeneration would flow naturally.  But I may have over-estimated my ability.  And sitting here with writer’s block my most recent creation has come down to the to The boy, the Dragon and the mother with HRT who all live in a tiny rural village.  Oh yes, and they have Springer called Bertie who smells really bad.  Nope, that’s not in the book, that bit’s real.

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Disclaimer: This Rural Wife is a partly fictional tale, exaggerated nuances of hapless events that occur within the Village on a daily basis. They express the opinions and mad ramblings of the author only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, so please dont feel offended if you are not mentioned